About Us


We make awesome t-shirts inspired by raw Indian bull :)www.desibulz.com, mail us at- care@desibulz.com
To make you look different & unveil your inside bullness.
Company Overview:
We are fashion maddies, texogenics, bull lovers & ad-mad designers. We want people to have fun & explore their bullness inside. Keeping that in mind we launched the t-shirt brand ‘DESIBULZ’ with the attitude & creativity to express the ‘bullness’ of an Indian through fashion.
"Desi" means raw & "Bulz" is the modified form of bulls. Desibulz belongs to the family who love bull spirit, monsters, adventures, taboos, rulebreakers & the desi Indian life. We are on our way to the market with awesome graphic designed t-shirts. We are located online on www.desibulz.com & yes, we do offline distributing our t-shirts to the stores.
So, be raw & enjoy the spirit of Desibulz.


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